Current Highlights at Art Supermarket:

Stoul: ​Vintage Manga from France

Stoul in a Group Exhibition until
5 July 2014 at Art Supermarket
1 Prince's Terrace - Ground Floor
Hong Kong CHINA

​Inspired by Japanese Manga Comics and passionate about the history of women’s fashion, cats became Stoul’s elegant and glamorous heroines. Her cats are women with long eyelashes, nose cross, ears and cat paws, evolving in a refined universe, lined with vintage patterns. Influenced by her grandmother, she starts to mix a retro nostalgia feeling and joyful pop modernity in her artworks. In parallel, Stoul develops the art of customization of objects and furniture recoveries, with collages, prints, stencils and paint. Long interested in alternative cultures, she naturally develops an interest in the Street Art movement, and painted her first wall together with “7MR”. Stoul, also known as Stoul Peintresse, is now part of the movement of the Urban Contemporary Art. She’s being exhibited in France and abroad.